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           A message to all our members from your committee

             Firstly we hope you are all well and staying safe.

The Committee have made the following decision following the Government’s announcement that lock down restrictions would be eased in relation to physical activity and some outdoor areas, including bowling greens, would be allowed to reopen from Wednesday 13th May.

With all the guidelines to be followed by the Government and Bowls England we as a club are not in a position to start opening the green as of yet

We feel that things are still not safe enough and with the general age of members to start one to one roll ups is still a risk, and our priority is to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

We will be monitoring the Governments relaxation of restrictions/social distancing guidelines and update our position in the middle of June.

If the number of new cases/deaths of Covid-19 are showing good signs of going down then we could be looking at some sort of bowling in July. But this would still require restrictions and be under strict guidelines and numbers limited on the green and at the Club.


Site security and parking

All members are asked to note that the town council have decided for security reasons to keep the gates to the rear car park locked at all times unless we are on site, please note the following will apply until further notice.

Under no circumstances must the rear car park gates be left unlocked if there is no one on site.

Also please note do not try to enter the club house before 9.45am at the weekends as the alarm will not have been turned off


One of our longest serving members has just recruited a new member to our club, Tony Nightingale is 'well gnome' for repairing the little people, this little fella was created in honour of Dominic Skinner one of our members who sadly passsed away in 2015, well done Tony..................


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